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A Celebration of You

By choice, or by forces beyond your control, here you are. It’s probably not quite what you expected. And it’s a bigger transition than you ever imagined.

So, what’s next?

You have a passion for life, not to mention a lifetime of experience. How can you turn all that into something more than “getting by?” Something that inspires you to truly be you. Something that bubbles up from deep inside, fulfills you, and nourishes your soul.

This type transition may happen to lots of women. But you’re not “lots of women.” You are you. There are no formulas. The next step needs to be uniquely yours.

It is often helpful to share your experiences and challenges with other women, particularly those going through a similar life stage.  That's exactly what The Bubbles Up Club provides: a supportive group of women who share common experiences, offer wisdom they've learned along the way, and yes - celebrate your wins with you (and there will be wins!).

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