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Our LifeMap™ and concierge services coupled with the power of our tailored tribes provide you a one-stop shop to design your life for the next decade and beyond.

The Bubbles Up Club

The Bubbles Up Club provides resources and virtual friends experiencing similar emotions, challenges, and joys in dealing with life changes. This is a safe space to ask questions, share suggestions or tips, seek additional resources, or simply share your story to inspire others.

Get To Know Us

Andrea Bjorkman

Andrea Bjorkman has seen it all, or shall we say, "lived through it all." Mom to four girls, while balancing a career in Corporate America, Andrea has experienced...

Teri Lucie Thompson

Teri Lucie Thompson, our resident Fizz Fashionista, hails from the midwest and is self described as "grit and glam all in one little package." Demure in size, but...