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The LifeMapTM (think Google Map/GPS) resource that helps women in mid-life navigate tough transitions to experience fulfillment in their next decade and beyond. We provide resources and services to help you find your next gig, job, hobby, charity, passion, adventure, friend, tribe, or answer. When you encounter transitional events such as empty nesting, job loss, retirement, you seek insights, resources, and a like-minded tribe. We provide those and more, helping you turn the bumps on the road of mid-life into bubbles of joy.

Our Services

Fizz provides you with curated solutions to design the next phase of your life. We help you build a rich life not just a rich retirement plan during tough times of transition. Fizz empowers you to design your life for the next decade and beyond.


We connect you virtually with others going through a similar experience. The collective wisdom of a broad network sharing a similar experience—whether it is menopause, caring for aging parents, job loss, empty nesting—allows you to view real time situations with the clarity of hindsight.


We provide unique discovery resources, tools, and tips that outline clear next steps to YOUR right answer.


When you subscribe, we work together to build your LifeMapTM and “find your fizz,” curated solutions to design the next phase of your life.

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About Us

Andrea Bjorkman

Co-Founder and CEO

Andrea is a results-driven human resources executive with a unique blend of marketing, advertising, sales, operations, product management, consulting, transformational leadership, and start-up experience.

Andrea is characterized as a transformational innovator and change agent and uses her love of new, big ideas and seeing where they take her to help people find their best life and organizations thrive!

Andrea and her husband live in Bloomington, IL, and they have six daughters and three grandchildren between them spread out across the country.

Teri Lucie Thompson

Co-Founder and CEO

Teri is a senior leader, who has a proven track record of building successful programs, high performing teams and enduring relationships, with a reputation for providing insightful direction to complex challenges as a CEO, CMO, CCO and board member. She has been recognized as an innovative and creative thinker in multiple verticals.

Teri is the author of “Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer” and is co-founder of The Texas Women’s Summit. Teri lives by Lady Gaga’s mantra, “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”
She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with a kicking collection of cowboy boots.


Our LifeMapTM and concierge services coupled with the power of our tailored tribes provide you a one-stop shop to design your life for the next decade and beyond. For those who sign up in 2021, pay an introductory $99 fee, and become a Fizz Insider! In addition to multiple perks, you get a free LifeMapTM for your initial life event.

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