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We know that life is full of twists and turns, as well as a few bumps along the way. Fizz provides resources—from a free support community to coaching to affirmation cards to help you turn those bumps on the road of life into bubbles of joy.

Our people and services help you find your next gig, job, hobby, charity, passion, adventure, friend, tribe, or answer. When you encounter transitional events such as divorce, empty nesting, job loss, retirement, you seek insights, resources, and a like-minded tribe. We provide those and more, including our proprietary tool, The LifeMapTM (think Google Map/GPS), that helps women 40+ navigate tough transitions to experience fulfillment in their next decade and beyond. 
















What We Do

Have you heard the saying “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe?”  Fizz understands that we go through transitions in our life that makes it difficult to find our vibe occasionally. So, we provide you with curated solutions: A built-in tribe, positive, supportive tools, and resources to help you design the next phase of your life and empower you to decide what steps you need to take today, tomorrow, and in the future.



Join our free online community, The Bubbles Up Club, to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and receive support from others in the same place in life. Whether it’s empty-nesting, menopause, caring for aging parents, looking for your next adventure, or just to feel a connection, we are more powerful in our collective knowledge and wisdom. We’re here for you in real-time.


/vīb/ noun

A person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.     Our unique resources, like our unique affirmation cards, provide tools and tips that impact your vibe today and create clear next steps to the future you want to build.

(P.S. – they make amazing gifts for friends!)


Fizz Affirmation Deck


Think you’ve found just what you’ve been looking for? Let’s work together to build your LifeMapTM and “find your fizz!” One of our transition coaches is ready to help design the next phase of your life.

About Us

Andrea Bjorkman

Co-Founder and CEO

Andrea is a results-driven human resources executive with a unique blend of marketing, advertising, sales, operations, product management, consulting, transformational leadership, and start-up experience.

Andrea is characterized as a transformational innovator and change agent and uses her love of new, big ideas and seeing where they take her to help people find their best life and organizations thrive!

Andrea and her husband live in Bloomington, IL, and they have six daughters and three grandchildren between them spread out across the country.

Teri Lucie Thompson

Co-Founder and CEO

Teri is a senior leader, who has a proven track record of building successful programs, high performing teams and enduring relationships, with a reputation for providing insightful direction to complex challenges as a CEO, CMO, CCO and board member. She has been recognized as an innovative and creative thinker in multiple verticals.

Teri is the author of “Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer” and is co-founder of The Texas Women’s Summit. Teri lives by Lady Gaga’s mantra, “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”
She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with a kicking collection of cowboy boots.

April Saliba

Operations Manager

April is a closet creative with a passion for systems and processes. A former athletic director and educator, she is a true Jill-of-all-trades and team player. Her service-minded personality has given her the ability to propel businesses in a forward and positive motion.

April brings 14+ years of a wide range of experience but primarily focuses on marketing and operations. Her shiny and positive spirit always lights up the team.

She and her husband, Jimmy live in Indiana where they are raising their three teenage daughters. You will often find her crisscrossing the state supporting her girls in their athletics with coffee and snacks in hand.

Bethanie Jones

Content Creator and Advisor

Bethanie is a high-level speaker of truth. She empowers and inspires others to be themselves by being herself, authentically, fiercely, and unabashedly. She is a people-first human resources executive and start-up business consultant, known to push the envelope while injecting humor into the mundane.  In addition to holding an MBA, Bethanie is a 500-hour certified Yoga teacher and Reiki Energy Healer, creating an amazing package of power and grace.

As a self-diagnosed “Adversity Junkie,” Bethanie loves helping people walk through life’s difficulties to reach their highest potential. She believes our darkest times are our greatest opportunities.

Bethanie lives on 22 acres in Medina, Ohio with her husband Gary and 2 boxer dogs.

Michelle Petrazzuolo

Operations and HR Lead

Michelle is a business and people leader who has sparked relentless optimism through change and design for twenty years. She thrives on turning ideas into reality and in finding ways to deliver excellence.

Michelle is the author of “We’re All Okay: A Millennial’s Treatise,” and has spoken on creating better connections between different generations by looking at the whys of generational behavior. She has been praised for a common-sense approach to understanding others, and for her passion for inclusion and belonging.

Michelle lives in New York with her husband, two children, and enjoys an all-consuming obsession with bubble tea.


Our LifeMapTM and concierge services coupled with the power of our tailored tribes provide you a one-stop shop to design your life for the next decade and beyond. For those who sign up in 2021, pay an introductory $99 fee, and become a Fizz Insider! In addition to multiple perks, you get a free LifeMapTM for your initial life event.

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