Our Story

How Fizz Bubbled Up

Two former colleagues.

Life separates them, and at times — sh*ts on them too. Full of lessons, both beautiful and painful.

Years later... they're reunited, bonding once again. But this time there's wine and 15 years of stories of loss, of love, and of lives well-lived.

When, voila: A spark!

They discover a shared dream to become entrepreneurs. Parting again only to be reunited when one lands a start-up opportunity, reaching back to "lift" her fellow dreamer.

And thus...the journey starts. It's not without its twists and turns...but bubbles into what is now...Fizz.

Our Team

Andrea Bjorkman

Andrea Bjorkman has seen it all, or shall we say, "lived through it all." Mom to four girls, while balancing a career in Corporate America, Andrea has experienced...

Teri Lucie Thompson

Teri Lucie Thompson is our legacy co-founder.

She continues to serve as a fractional CMO. Combined with her board and volunteer
work, Teri found her plate overflowing and felt the beginning of 2023 was a good time to pass the baton to Andrea.

Her heart will always be in Fizz.