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At Fizz, we understand the professional transitions women face. We provide coaching, resources, and a supportive community to navigate these challenges. Our custom tools and curated solutions, including LifeMap™ and concierge services, empower you to take decisive steps today and plan for a fulfilling future. Join us to explore new career opportunities, achieve your dreams, and turn life's bumps into bubbles of joy. Design your life for the next decade and beyond with our expert guidance.

What We Offer


Think you’ve found just what you’ve been looking for? Let’s work together to build your LifeMap™ and “find your fizz!” One of our life coaches is ready to help design the next phase of your life.

Cool Stuff

Our Find Your Fizz Affirmation Card deck provides 56 positive affirmation cards packaged in an organza bag.  A perfect tool for “Table Topics” discussions, for daily affirmations, or for inspiration.  A perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to showers to holidays.

Fizz, Bubbles, and Brilliance: Elevate Your Professional Life Course

Welcome to Your Next Chapter

Are you standing at a crossroads in your professional life?

Maybe you're contemplating a bold move in corporate, eyeing a fulfilling side hustle, considering going after your dream of entrepreneurship, approaching retirement with a mix of excitement and uncertainty, or looking for joy in your current role.

Wherever you find yourself, one thing is clear: the path ahead is yours to shape.

Don't let another day pass wondering "what if?"