What We Do

At Fizz, we understand that all of us go through stages and transitions in our lives that make it difficult to find our path forward. So we provide you with curated solutions to help: A built-in community, custom tools, and resources to help you navigate these challenging life events. At Fizz, our coaches and tools empower you to decide what steps you need to take today, tomorrow, and in the future. Our LifeMap™ and concierge services coupled with the power of our Bubbles Up Club provide you with a one-stop shop to design your life for the next decade and beyond.

What We Offer


Think you’ve found just what you’ve been looking for? Let’s work together to build your LifeMap™ and “find your fizz!” One of our life coaches is ready to help design the next phase of your life.


Join our free online community, The Bubbles Up Club, to share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, and receive support from others in the same place in life. Whether it’s empty-nesting, menopause, caring for aging parents, looking for your next adventure, or just to feel a connection, we are more powerful in our collective knowledge and wisdom. We’re here for you in real-time.

Cool Stuff

Our Find Your Fizz Affirmation Card deck provides 56 positive affirmation cards packaged in an organza bag.  A perfect tool for “Table Topics” discussions, for daily affirmations, or for inspiration.  A perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to showers to holidays.

Customized Corporate Training

In their 2021 annual workforce reports, both McKinsey and Deloitte cited an increased need for stronger diversity, equity, and inclusion programs  (DEI), and the need to address women’s issues, especially the disparity between burnout in female and male employees in the corporate workplace.   Women are significantly burned out—more so than their male colleagues. To help address this phenomena, we offer customized training for companies looking to reverse the trend.  We offer interactive workshops that will help executives, managers, DEI leaders, and supervisors understand the life events with which their female employees are dealing, many of which underlie decreased productivity, burnout, and more casualties lost to the Great Resignation.  Price available upon request.

Tools To Find Your Fizz

Let’s work together to build your LifeMap™. One of our life coaches is ready to help you design the next phase of your life.

Crystal Fizz Coaching

Ready to take stock of your life during or after a difficult life event? Questioning who you are and what roles you want to carry?

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Rosey Bubbles Coaching

Experiencing feelings of boredom, emptiness, and unfulfillment? Or do you see a looming transition like empty nesting or a job change? Feel as if you need to start talking to someone qualified to help you think through all the decisions to get your life back on track?

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Mimosa Coaching

Feeling like you don’t know which way to turn and afraid to make a big investment in figuring it out? Need just a little nudge to get your life back on track after a disruptor like divorce or menopause?

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