What We Do

At Fizz, we understand that all of us go through stages and transitions in our professional lives that make it difficult to find our path forward. So we provide you with curated solutions to help: A built-in community, custom tools, and resources to help you navigate these challenging life events. Our coaches and tools empower you to decide what steps you need to take today, tomorrow, and in the future. Our LifeMap™ and concierge services provide you with a one-stop shop to design your life for the next decade and beyond.

What We Offer


Think you’ve found just what you’ve been looking for? Let’s work together to build your LifeMap™ and “find your fizz!” One of our life coaches is ready to help design the next phase of your life.

Cool Stuff

Our Find Your Fizz Affirmation Card deck provides 56 positive affirmation cards packaged in an organza bag.  A perfect tool for “Table Topics” discussions, for daily affirmations, or for inspiration.  A perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to showers to holidays.

Best Selling Book and Course

The "Why Women" chapter in this Amazon best-selling book outlines the value that women bring to the workforce and the US economy. It includes valuable information to help organizations learn how to build the best workplace for the future by attracting promoting, and retaining women.

The chapter and course are for women who want to improve their standing in the workforce, decision-makers, and HR and Talent professionals.

The Empowering Women in the Workplace: A 3-Day Introductory Course is live now!